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Hello and welcome. My name is Alex Afia and I'm a Reiki practitioner based in Crouch End, North London. Reiki is a complementary therapy that can be a great aid to stress-reduction and general well-being, among many other benefits. It is a pleasure to be involved with this remarkable healing practice and I look forward to sharing it with you.



Reiki is described as an energy healing system. It is a holistic therapy where the practitioner channels universal energy through their hands, which are placed on, or slightly above the patient’s body. It is non-invasive and the patient remains fully clothed. Although it is very gentle it can have profound healing effects on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki works by promoting the body’s natural healing process, removing blockages and enhancing well-being. It can also facilitate therapeutic connections and breakthroughs.


Responses to treatment vary, but people generally report feeling peaceful, calm and centred, and often experience relief from pain and worry. Any medical conditions should always be addressed by a doctor, but as a complementary therapy Reiki can enhance recovery and reduce side-effects of illness and medication. Anyone can benefit from Reiki, and it can open up whole realms of experience you may not have connected with before.


For more information on Reiki you may like to refer to the following site for the Reiki Academy, where I trained under Torsten Alexander Lange and am a Master Practitioner Member:



For a long time I have had an urge to help people, but it took a while to figure out how! My first career was as a classical musician, and I remain active as a violinist. It was a wonderful thing to train as a musician and connect deeply with music, but the daily life of an orchestral player didn't engage me fully for long. Having had a taste of deep connection and self-expression through music I had the desire to keep learning and exploring.


After dipping my toe in various waters things started to come into focus when I began to meditate. I was fortunate to find a wonderful teacher and a local meditation group which I continue to attend regularly. Quite quickly I began to sense the connectivity of all things, to access deeper levels of consciousness and recognise that human suffering is essentially self-created through identification with the contents of the mind. This life-changing process remains a primary focus and affects everything I do, but to give it full expression I feel it needs to have a practical application.


This is where Reiki comes in; it is a wonderful way to share meditative presence and facilitate healing. I began the training out of curiosity and found it a very powerful and positive experience. I remember the feeling of warmth in my palms as the energy started to flow, and an incredible sense of nurture and well-being while being treated by one of the other students.


Then something remarkable happened. I had only recently completed the first level of training when I offered a treatment to a neighbour who was seriously ill and, as it turned out, close to death. He was in a great deal of pain and discomfort but responded immediately to the treatment, entering a blissful state, free of pain and worry. He came back the next day and then asked if I would treat him every day. The Reiki didn’t save his life but was the only thing giving him relief and comfort. It seemed to open up another dimension for him. He once commented after a treatment that, “If death feels anything like this, then bring it on.”


Naturally that experience gave me impetus to complete the remaining levels of training and continue to explore Reiki’s potential. Responses to treatments are not always so explicit, but I have seen many clients find it quite transformative, and I feel privileged to be a conduit for this beautiful work. 


Treatments last around an hour and cost £40.


They are usually done lying on a massage table, but can also be done seated. We will normally have a brief chat before the treatment to establish if there are any particular areas you would like to be addressed.

Distance treatments can also be arranged.


Please feel free to call or email me if there is anything you'd like to discuss. My hope is to be of service and offer a safe, therapeutic space in which healing can occur.


“Alex is one of those very rare healers who is incredibly gifted at shifting energy with his hands. Perhaps it is due to his many years as a virtuoso violinist… Whatever it is, he is able to unblock both physical and emotional pain and help you make your life flow again.” Selina Hossain


“Alex's Reiki treatment was an extraordinary experience. His presence and ability to create an incredibly calming atmosphere had a very powerful effect on me. Towards the middle of the session I felt a great release inside me, and a wonderful stillness with a sense of total inner calm. It left me feeling rejuvenated and focussed.” Ben Griffiths


“A mesmerising spiritual journey deep inwards where I could only feel my heart radiating all the energy as if being centred unlike I have ever felt before while being able to seize such calmness with grace. Very grateful to you Alex for showing me the path and making me realise the existence of such a rich light." Zaine Bakali

“I met Alex through music, he is an incredible musician and a lovely soul. All this now passes through his Reiki. He’s introduced me to meditation and now this, his complementary vocation. I have felt so much lighter, healthier and happier since our session. I really recommend him. Thank you Alex.” Nina Miranda


“I visited Alex today with a healthy scepticism, as we described it, yet still very curious. All I can say is that something most definitely happened! Alex’s hands were cold at first but within minutes the heat radiating from them was undeniable. I could feel where his hands were even when he was not touching me and my eyes were closed. I’m no longer sceptical. I saw colours which changed every time he moved position and the whole treatment was completely welcome and certainly felt like good was being done to my well-being. It was quite an intense feeling and comforting and I often felt myself smiling involuntarily when I felt the changes. My shoulder feels better and I’m still monitoring it but the pins and needles have stopped more or less and I have a very different good tingling feeling lower in my shoulder in its place. Alex is a very special person and he certainly has a gift here. Open your mind as I did and explore this alternative route to well-being is my advice.” Stacey Watton

"Alex has a real talent for healing. His Reiki treatments have left me feeling more focussed, calmer, more centred and very uplifted. They seem to lessen the noise and stress of modern life. He works on a deep level. I would say it is a meditative process, in some ways. I would highly recommend Alex as a Reiki practitioner." Vanessa G.

"I would recommend Reiki with Alex to anyone who is struggling with long-held trauma, in any area of their life. Unlike psychotherapy - which I found very daunting, to have to explain and relive the experience - Alex was able to intuitively access the deeply held pain and release it. I believe he was able to facilitate a very positive change in my life." S. White

"This is amazing. I feel so grounded I'm falling through the floor!" Serena Jones



My practice is located on Dickenson Road, N8.
Crouch Hill station is close by, and it's a 20-minute walk or short bus ride (W7/W3) from Finsbury Park station.

07932 630329

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